The Idea

At the beginning, I thought two university degrees enough education to justify having a holiday before starting regular work. That decision was made in June 2002. Until September 2003 I rode about 30,000 km in 18 countries. With my Suzuki DR 350. Some people say it's not sexy. Others say it shows personality. Anyway, it is reliable (and that is important in life!)

The Route

The Bike

I'm travelling on a Suzuki DR 350 SHC, made in ' 94 (see the image on the right side).

  • Changes: I lowered it and bought a bigger tank with 14 litres.
  • Carrier: 5-Star carrier system, which stayed alive up to Greece. In Pacistan I have finally realized my own ideas resp. the recommendations of Luc (Belgian, BMW GS 80). Since then there are no more problems. Propably next time again, when I'm back in Germany at the "Technical Supervisory Association". Additionally I have Därr aluminum boxes.
  • Tires: First I had Dunlop Trailmax (17,000 km), next Dunlop D 606 (10,000 km) and now I have Michelin Sirac and Metzler Enduro 3.
  • What else: I have travelled about 30,000 km, am on the 3rd chain, the 2nd cable for the clutch, and the compression, I have a new speedo, and a new battery. Only once have I had a flat tire. That’s all!

The Mails

The emails which I wrote to my friends in the last year will give a good summary about trip, countries, peoples, and their culture. (Sorry, it's in German only.)

The Images

On my trip I took a lot of photos. Here you can find a small collection.


The Favourite-FAQs

  • How you can ride a motorbike?
  • How you can come overland? (driving, driving, driving…)
  • Are you not afraid traveling alone on a bike as a woman? – I always ask why I should be afraid, because I traveling on a bike, because I am alone or because I am a woman? If they don’t know what to say their conclusion is: … but it is unusual! Well, and therefore I should be afraid?
  • Is this a Indian bike?No, it’s an Japanese.Are you Japanese?
  • Do you ride your bike by yourself?

The Contact



I'm often asked for the daily costs in the respective countries.

Greece: 21.25 €

Turkey: 16.50 €

Iran: 11.50 €

Pakistan: 15.30 €

India: 16.00 €

Nepal: 11.00 €

Cambodia: 14.40 €

Laos:  9.90 €

Thailand: 15.75 €

Malaysia: 18.64 €

Japan: 16.00 €


Last but not least I can recommmend the ultimate internet portal for bikers Horizons Unlimited for all those, who are travelling by motorbike around the world.